To use data to support an efficient and effective South Australian State Government to provide the right services to the right people at the right time.



To be a world leader in analysing and innovating with one of Government's most valuable assets - data.



ODA is a small core team of data, analytics, research and policy professionals in the South Australian Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC).

We coordinate, collaborate, work and advise across the whole of Government on data sharing under the Public Sector Data Sharing Act 2016.


  • performs data analytics work for public sector agencies under the terms of data sharing agreements
  • facilitates between public sector agencies seeking to share data with each other or with other entities
  • advises on data sharing under the Act including providing advice in disputes
  • help agencies upskill to carry out their own data analytics work
  • collaborates with businesses, universities, industry, research groups, non-government organisations and all tiers of government in South Australia and interstate on possible projects and areas of commonality
  • aims to deliver data-driven insights to improve the lives of South Australians.

Our staff maintain high proficiency and expertise in unique skillsets including:

  • data analysis and presentation
  • statistical methods
  • data integration and matching
  • data redaction, aggregation and personal identity protection
  • visualisation of information
  • maximising value of data for citizens, service suppliers and policy planning.

ODA also administers the Information Sharing Guidelines.



Security is paramount to ODA. We follow the highest standards to keep data safe and accessed by trusted people on a 'need to know' basis. Our facility has the following security features and considerations protecting South Australia's data:

  • network security
  • physical security
  • data security and encryption
  • access control with full auditing
  • segregation of activities
  • security clearances.