Data sharing


The South Australian Government holds vast amounts of information that can be used to better inform policy and better support citizens of South Australia. Following the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission, the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Act 2016 was established to address the lack of information sharing between government departments.  The Act and Regulations commenced 30 May 2017. The short video below explains the benefits of data sharing and the Act .





South Australian Intra-Government Data Sharing Agreement - editable PDF or Word

Addendum to an existing agreement - editable PDF or Word

Government - nongovernment data sharing agreement - editable PDF or Word




ODA is the peak level South Australian body for public sector data sharing in South Australia. It plays a leadership role:

  • chairing the South Australian Government Chief Data Officers Network (CDON) with strategic oversight and whole of government representation. CDON reviews and assesses data sharing requests that may be approved, rejected or further escalated to the Chief Executive
  • fulfilling the requirements of the Act including the correct and and appropriate application of the Five Safes and annual reporting obligations
  • providing transparency and accountability via an accessible data sharing register
  • advising on technical, procedural and operational data standards
  • ensuring adherence to legislative requirements for identified/deidentified data and protections for release of information.