Data sharing



The South Australian Government holds vast amounts of information that can be used to better inform policy and better support citizens of South Australia.  Following the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission, the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Act 2016 was established to address the lack of information sharing between government departments.  The Act and Regulations commenced 30 May 2017.






Download Data Sharing Request Form and Approval Form




  • application of the 'five Safes' model before undertaking any multi-agency data driven project
  • annual reporting obligations
  • rules on use of identified/personal information
  • Legislative protections for release of information held by ODA.

In addition, relevant members from the South Australian Government Chief Data Officers Network (CDON) review and assess requests for data sharing which may be approved, rejected or further escalated to Chief Executive



The Chief Data Officer has issued a number of recommendations and standards relating to capture, classification and analysis of data. These standards are available below:

  • Guidelines for capture of key identifying data
  • South Australian Government Reporting Metadata Standards (SAG-RMS)
  • Guidelines for secure transfer of data to ODA
  • Guidelines for publishing analysis to protect identity of citizens
  • Guidelines and forms for application of the 'five Safes' within the Public Sector (Data Sharing) Act, 2016



Security is paramount to ODA. We employ physical, information and technical security measures and protocols to ensure our data is held securely and only accessed by trusted people. Information is kept secure by a combination of:

  • physical security
  • network security
  • data security and encryption
  • access control with full auditing
  • segregation of activities
  • security clearances.